Monday, July 26, 2010

My email Reply to My Boss:

I don't know why but I feel like sharing this :)

I was reading an article “East’s decline of research and creative activities“ written by Dr Rauf Parekh, and I feel that I should share some of the content here as the topic of your email and that article is almost similar.

He referred to an old article By Ming Shaw in Times magazine in which he summed up the decline of the East and ascendance of the West and the core reason He talked about is the West adoption of “Creative Thinking and Innovation”, so what I learn from his findings and actual reality is that if you want to see this contact centre at new height in coming year, than we all need to clearly understand the essence of Innovation in our field, and should open our minds to creative thinking, instead of wasting our times in opposing every new idea just because we are not fond of change.

As part of management of the contact centre, we must understand the current organizational culture that is evolving with fastest rate than ever. We need to understand this “Universal Truth” that Innovation, new ideas and creative Thinking is the path that leads you and your work to new heights and resistance to change and innovation is the only path that leads to failure.

In the article, he further explained that the reason why Eastern minds are not that innovative like of West is that East prefers age and seniority over intelligence and creativity.In East, education preaches that elders are always right, it rather punishes anyone who tries to overstep the line that traditional wisdom or old methods have drawn. I read the line and I feel the intensity and application of this line. Its relevance even in the small working environment of “Our Contact Centre”.

Boss, we all as part of management need to transform our selves in people who all have open minds and always be open for change. We need to end this approach of “Karaon ga na karnai don ga” if we want to create an atmosphere where creativity and intelligence flourishes. In his article, he mentioned that the reason East lags behind today, is the absence of unconventional thoughts. Now the question arises, how many of us ever come up with any unconventional thought, how many of us even can think of depriving from conventional methods? Do we have such minds?

I want to share Prof Zakaria Sajid’s foreword to the book “Tehqeeq Ke tareeqe”, in which he said

Curiosity and knowledge are what human civilization’s progress is made of. Observation, experimentation and development of principles are but manifestation of that curiosity and knowledge, which help us boil facts down and analyze events and socials trends

Boss, in a society such as ours where following the herd is standard operating procedure, bringing innovation and creativity is not an easy task. We all must change our attitudes towards change. It is high time for us before the New Year, that we change our mindsets, our approach, our directions and work towards a single goal with positivity and determination.

Iftikhar Alam

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