Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Physics of Taqdeer:

Taqdeer and Loh e Mahfouz are two terms you have to hear hundreds of times if you are born in an ordinary Muslim family, but more than often without any just theoretical explanation that could make any sense. We are told from our childhood that creator gives us free will to choose between good and bad, and we have to decide our own path, but on the contrary, it is also taught that all of our actions are already written and preserved in Loh e Mahfouz and you cannot do against your Taqdeer. Confusion isn’t it!!
The above mentioned confusion between the free will and Taqdeer remains something in which I was unable to find any sense until recently. I read books, listened to sermons and searched websites but the explanation of concept never satisfies me.
Recently, I was watching an episode of a science fiction series “Fringe” by J.J Abrams that build my interest in Quantum mechanics and Neil Bohr’s theory of Wave function that leads me to read about one of the most fascinating theory of our time proposed by Hugh Everett in 1957 known as “Many-World Interpretation” and was further researched and worked upon by other scientists.
This theory states that there are hundreds of worlds running parallel to our present world based on our different choices we made in our past. The basic concept is driven from the experiment known as "Schrödinger's cat" in which a cat is penned up in a steel chamber, along with various paths in that chamber one leading cat to poisonous food and other paths leading Cat to normal food.
As the chamber is close, what is the condition of Cat after several hours? It could be still alive or dead, but the "alive" and "dead" cats are in different branches of the universe, both of which are equally real, but which cannot interact with each other. The real condition will be known only when we open the chamber, and the condition of that Cat will be caused by its own choice.
Now, we just have to broad our visions and have to extend this experiment to universal level. What if I replace cat with humans? Steel chamber with this world? Human made paths for cat to God made paths for humans? Does it make sense? This brings a conclusion that our creator made a steel chamber for us i.e. our life, and designed millions may be billions of paths for us in that life based on our choices.

Our Taqdeer is all these parallel worlds, already described and preserved as our Taqdeer but it is our own choices that lead us to our destiny. The concept is real, scientific and very sensible that satisfies both conditions of having free will with already written Loh e Mahfouz. Our creator already preserved all our life paths in a super computer known as Loh e Mahfouz, but it is our choices that will lead us to any of the already described path. To make things more clear, it is like that if we have to take a decision about something by saying yes or no, than it is not written that we will say yes or no, but both paths are already written, one that could be caused if we say yes, and the other that could be caused when we say no, but it’s our own free choice that makes us follow any of the already written path. This is why it is said that best of the supplication is to ask for Allah’s guidance and right path. May Allah SWT leads us all to right path, Amin.

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