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RED MOSQUE OPERATION: Road to division of Pakistan

Welcome to Islamic Republic of Pakistan, few days ago here special commandos from Pakistan army stormed a mosque and religious school of women in an operation causing deaths of yet to determine number of students including women, men and children. An operation conducted by Pakistani army against Pakistani nationals who were in favor of Shariah rule. As the bloody operation ends, a series of reprisal suicide attacks started by Pakistanis against Pakistani army leading to almost 100 deaths of security agencies.

New enforcements of Pakistani soldiers are sent to Northern parts of Pakistan and Tribal areas and Pakistani soldiers are preparing themselves for another operation against Pakistanis in Swat. The deal between Pakistani establishment and Pakistani tribal men made after deaths of hundreds of Pakistani soldiers and thousands of Pakistani citizens in attacks against each other has been broken. A suicide attack in Mir Ali killing 3 soldiers is a starting point of new bloody conflict in which once again Pakistani soldiers will kill their own people, and in which Pakistani people will attack with suicide belts on their own army.

Today, Pakistan army is killing Pakistanis and in revenge Pakistanis are killing Pakistani soldiers, result of our great state policy. I am sure Indians, Americans and Israelis are dancing on situation of Pakistan today under Musharaf's policies. Pakistani nation did a mistake when they accept a dictator 8 years ago and didn’t resist, if someone searches for peace and prosperity under dictator and army rule than I really doubt his mental strength. How many suicide attacks were there before Musharaf on Pakistani Army? Do we have a sense to calculate building hate among Pakistani masses against Pakistan army? Do we know consequences of this? In how may countries of this world army is killing their own people? In Somalia, in Afghanistan, in Iraq and in Pakistan, All having a common factor that their governments are US allies but bulk of population of these countries hate US policies. All governments of these countries depends on US support to be in power, and for the sake of their power, they are killing their own citizens.

Population of whole tribal belt of Pakistan is against Pakistani army, Baloch nationalists are already leading a movement for independent Balochistan that was fueled when Pakistani army killed Akbar bugty. And now army is preparing for operations against few religious schools in NWFP. Where this conflict between our own army and our own people leading Pakistan to? Are we moving towards a geographical division of our country? Today, our policies take us to 12th position in failed state index. Our own people are blowing our Gas pipelines in Balochistan, our own people are blowing army vehicles in NWFP, and our own people are writing books against our own Army today.

Red mosque operation and many unanswered questions started a new conflict between our liberal extremists and religious extremists. At that day, in the name of rights of prostitutes, hundreds of religious students were massacred. In Capital talk, Hamid mir said that it was police that told Jamia Hafsa Administrator to kidnap Aunty shamim (A prostitute) as police was not able to take any legal action against her because of her links with ministers like Sheikh Rashid. This is rule of law in Pakistan; I don’t know how can any Pakistani talks about rule of law in Pakistan?

Unfortunately there is no system in Pakistan, Islamic or otherwise. Each leader has filled his pockets with wealth of ordinary people. President Musharraf is using whole government machinery to boost his power and for his survival as President. Involvement of our agencies in extra judicial kidnappings is not a hidden fact today, and our President admits in his book how Pakistani agencies sold our own nationals for dollars who ends up in Guantanamo Bay.

On last night of that operation, the deal was almost final between the red mosque administration, Scholars and government ministers to resolve Red mosque issue peacefully, but when everything was done, our Army generals change the whole draft that was unacceptable for red Mosque and scholars. It is reported fact that our army receives 1billion dollars from US every year for their role in war on terror, and Pakistani parliament, Pakistani people have no right to question use of that money. Our generals distribute that money among themselves, so how these decision makers in Pakistan can do any thing that may end up in suspension of this aid. After all, their Master America is already not happy with them on the issue of Peace deal with Tribal Taliban. We all know who is decision maker in our country, it is not parliament, it is not our ministers, it is not our Scholars, and it is not even our prime minister. It is general Musharaf and circle of generals surrounding him, and they never want that 1 billion dollars yearly to be suspended. At that day Pakistani army killed Pakistani women, men and children for the sake of 1 billion dollar.

There are many unanswered questions that will only fuel anger of the religious masses of Pakistan. Who will answer these questions and who will satisfy a huge proportion of Pakistani population? Where are those hundred of women who were in there? Out of 6500 students only 1200 surrendered, where the rest disappear? Hundreds of relatives are still in search of their love ones, who are not in list of dead, not in surrendered and are not in hospitals. On that day, from 4-year-old to 80-year-old people of red mosque just disappeared.

At 3 pm, media reported 100 deaths, but the operation continued till 06 am, but the death count amazingly remains same. How is it possible? Were they fighting with walls for 15 hours? Where were those hostages for whom Government was doing propaganda? Where were those 400-500 women and children disappeared?

After 2 days, they show weapons to media in Red Mosque that involved everything except a Tank and aircraft, but amazingly red mosque administration didn't use it. Army was standing in front of them in ground but there was only one death at that time. Why didn't they fire those rockets? What about those 15 suicide bombers? What about Abuzar who was according to government was in Lal Masjid? What about foreigners? Where they all suddenly disappeared? Who will answer all these questions? It was a worst propaganda, used, just to kill hundreds to make Pakistan government’s foreign masters happy. Today, now, people are crying in Shahids masoods program “meray mutabiq” on calls? Now? Now they all are supporting Abdul rashid Ghazi? Now our minister Ijaz ul haq was crying in Hamid Mir program "Capital Talk"? Now? Is this all? Is this enough for forgiveness? Is this enough for killing young girls and boys in a mosque who were doing religious studies. It was a massacre that will promote more extremism and anti government feelings within Pakistan.

There was no suicide attacks on Pakistani army before Musharaf’s rule, but now the rate of suicide attacks is increasing rapidly. Red mosque Operation and deaths of innocent lives is a start of a war between our liberal extremists in our government and our religious extremists. It is policies of our liberal extremists that are destabilizing whole country. Unfortunately, these extremists in our government are using our army for their policies and that is a major reason for building hate among Pakistani masses against our own army. It now becomes fashion for people on media to blame every thing on Mullahs and blame every thing on religious extremists, but every one is forgetting our liberal extremists and their extreme approach that actually is fueling extremism on other hand. Who was that extremist who decided for an operation when a peace deal was almost there? Who was that extremist who never thought about innocent lives, and revenge attacks and destabilization of whole country at that time? Who will answer this question on Pakistani media? Mullahs are here in Pakistan from 60 years, but suicide attacks on Pakistani army were not practice here before Musharaf’s policies. If Pakistani nation still fails to identify real culprit than it will be too late for us. Pakistan army killing Pakistanis, and in revenge Pakistanis are killing Pakistan army, is this what we call a state policy? Is this how Pakistan become a better country? If we, as Pakistani nation still act like deaf, blind and dumb, than we will see geographical division of our country and no doubt, Operation on Red Mosque is the road to division of Pakistan.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Death By Thousand Cuts:

At start of 80s, this world witnessed how a military Might, One of the two World super powers of that time, ruined in front of much weaker, but determined opponent, in a long War in Afghanistan. The famous war remembered as Afghan Jihad, started in early 80s, was slow in the beginning, but later stretches it's lines throughout the country. "Hit and run" one day in Helmand, 2nd day in Khost, third day in Mazar-e-sharif, cutting supply lines time to time, trapping soldiers inside mountainous valleys, destroying helicopters every week. It was a long war, in which a much weaker Afghan Mujahideen become the cause of death of USSR, a death known as “Death by thousand cuts".
Today, history is repeating itself; another Super power trapped in a same situation. What we witness today is that most of the things are same as they were in past, there is same determination among the lines of Mujahideen, no matter how long will it take, they are ready. There is same military might in front of them, but there is one thing different, now they are fighting on two different fronts this time.

Return of Taliban:

After start of Iraq war, US deployed most of its men power in Iraq, and Iraq was and still is main point of concentration due to ever escalating violence from the first day of this American adventure. Today with military death toll 4000 so far, Iraq is still main concern for US, But 2006 become a horrible dream for US and its policy maker when this world saw a "Return of Taliban" in Afghanistan. This time second generation of those who kicked Russians out is ready to kick Americans out and is fighting with same determination as their elders. Again, 2007 is moving towards the most deadly year for coalition. US is definitely finding itself in an awkward position as now US has to increase number of troops in Afghanistan because NATO countries are not willing to send troops in the hostile areas of Afghanistan, and as the causalities mounts, it looks like that they will not in future.

Pakistani Military forced to have a peace agreement with the local Taliban after losing 1000 of their men in Tribal Areas of Pakistan. This deals made Tribal Areas of Pakistan heaven for Taliban across the border. It is also an interesting point that as Afghanistan is surrounded by Russia, Iran, China and Pakistan, none of these countries like American presence in Afghanistan. US openly accuse Iran and Pakistani ISI, for helping Taliban but the game may have some more hidden players. Pakistan don't want a pro Indian government In Afghanistan, that is why ISI is now again taking a U turn, this time favoring Taliban once again. Iran knows that as long as US soldiers keep dying in Afghanistan and Iraq it will be impossible for US to think about attack on Iran, so for Iran it is more favorable if they help their old enemies.

The return of Taliban is unexpected for this world as well as US. A peace deal of Taliban with Pakistani government was another blow of 2006 for US. 191 NATO troops killed in 2006, along with 4000 people including local police, Afghan army, civilians and Taliban. This Death toll is not only 5 times more than 2005 but also making 2006 the most deadly year for foreign troops, with September 2006 with most deadly month of War in Afghanistan, coming after 5 years of occupation. As US commanders predicted about more violence in coming years, 120 Coalition soldiers so far died in Afghanistan this year as 2007 is moving towards the deadliest year. The fact that NATO countries are not willing to add troops will force US to increase troops in Afghanistan, making more targets for Taliban that will increase number of deaths of US soldiers. The rate of “1 coalition death in 6 days” in 2002 becomes “1 coalition death in two days” in 2007. Canadian government having suffered 66 casualties, all of them in last 2 years is facing a domestic unrest and pressure against the presence of their troops in Afghanistan. It may lead them to be a first country to leave Afghanistan, creating some new problems for US.

Blood in Iraq:

In Iraq it was January 2005 when US lost 107 of its soldiers, and since than, for almost two years , no month cause deaths more than that, but only till this May, that now becomes the deadliest month since November 2004, with 126 US soldiers killed. One can predict the future of American soldiers in Iraq by the stats that in first quarter of 2006, 148 US soldiers died, that increased sharply in the last quarter of the year, when death toll become 286,that is almost double. In 2nd quarter of 2007, each month cost more than 100 lives with 331 deaths in total.

Transfer of Technology:

Over 64 airplanes and helicopters are down only in Iraq, and over 20 helicopters and airplanes are down in Afghanistan. Afghans are learning many things from Iraqis, and they are very good in learning, as once an American commander said during Soviet war that, "Stringer is a good weapon, but it is best when in the hand of Afghan". Now, Afghans not only use their traditional "hit and run", but also use IED's and more deadly suicide bombings, never used in any war before this year. In 2006, there were 117 reported suicide bombings targeting Afghan army and coalition forces.

No doubt US is a Military super power, with huge technological advanced weapons as compared to Mujahideen, but how long will it sustain "hit and run" and suicide attacks in Afghanistan on one hand, and deadly IED's and silent bullets from Sniper's in Iraq on other hand. For both Afghanistan and Iraq, men power for Mujahideen is not a problem, for Iraq, Arabs from all Arab world are coming in, and for Afghanistan, Pakistan, with 160 million population is there to supply men power, among with Uzbekistan.

In Iraq and Afghanistan, 2006 give all of us only one message that all the stats, facts and figures are pointing towards a much more horrible year for America. There will be some more deadly cuts waiting for the Giant Elephant in 2007 and 2008, lets see, when will the Elephant fall?

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Collapse Of Arab World, and Rise of Jihadistan 3

Part 3:
Results Of Afghan Jihad:
Welcome to new free Afghanistan, where almost every family has one member who fought against Russia. Afghanistan where every small village has more weapons than food. Afghanistan where 10-year-old boys play with AK47’s instead of football. Afghanistan, where hundreds of war lords now control their areas with their own armies.Afghanistan, a mess after Russian exit, and US indifference to the situation was one of the main reason, and a grave mistake.At that time, jihadists from all over the world were present at one point. Afghanistan had 4 different pockets of militants. There were thousands of Afghan jihadists mostly influenced by nationalism, than there was large number of Arabs present in Afghanistan, who were far more radicalized and have a clear vision of Islamic state without any nationalistic ideology. Then Pakistanis were the third majority, and in last, militants from central Asia, especially from Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. All these 4 type of militants have one thing in common, that they all were trained by one of the finest intelligence agencies of this world, ISI. They all were trained fighters, they know how to fight against a regular army, they know how to make bombs, they know how to spy, they know how to bring down helicopters and they know how to work in group, where to hit and when to hit causing more pain for opponent. The world failed to realize that what they were leaving behind in Afghanistan are militants who were trained by ISI, and that was the mistake for which US is paying today. How can you leave so many trained fighters alone without properly dealing with them? As soon as Russians left Afghanistan, Afghan fighters engaged into another fight against each other for power and authority. Central Asian fighters trapped into Afghanistan as Central Asia was still in the hands of Russians and KGB was keeping a strict eye on the borders waiting for their old enemy. Most of the Uzbek fighters moved into Pakistani tribal areas and since than they are living there. Many Arabs went back to their countries but some prefer to work for an ideal Islamic state in the world, and stayed back in Afghanistan. Osama bin Laden was the most influential central figure for many of the Arab fighters and this same group later evolved into Alqaeda. Pakistani fighters went back to Pakistan, and soon we have new Pakistani Jihadi groups like Hizb ul Mujahideen, Harkat ul Mujahideen, Al badar, Jaish e Muhammad and many more. All these groups and experienced fighters penetrate into Kashmir with ISI backing, and a militant Freedom Movement Started in Indian occupied Kashmir, dragging half of the Indian army into Kashmir and causes 80000 deaths so far. Kashmir movement is inversely proportional to Afghanistan’s peace. When there will be fight in Afghanistan, same militants will again move to Afghanistan and if there will be peace in Afghanistan, they will move to Kashmir. We experienced that when Russians left, militant activities gradually increased in Kashmir and than started decreasing when US invade Afghanistan. Many arabs from Afghanistan, later went to bosnia and chechniya. Almost all militant commanders in KLA and Chechen Mujahideen are Arabs. These arabs always have a place as a commander or trainer whereever they go due to their experience, money and training under ISI. These all Mujahideen fought in Afghanistan for different reasons, Afghans for their land and people, Pakistani, Uzbek and Tajiks for their brotherhood with Afghans, but Arabs fought only for Islam. They were most radicalized, most powerful and most influential group due to their very strong Jihadi ideology and their money. ISI worked with these jihadists for a decade, resulting in producing a large proportion of ISI that was influenced by their ideology and till now, ISI has a very powerful fraction that carries same Ideology. Last 20 years shows us one fact, that once a muslim got involved into jihadi movement, than he wanted to fight till his death, no matter if he has to find new fronts. Muslims believe that they may stop at their final goal "islamic state" but Non muslims are suspicious that they may try to increase their borders once Islamic state established. What they will do, no one knows for sure, but one thing is fact, that they will never stop fighting until any muslim majority area is under control of non muslims.
Keeping it Alive:
In fact, Afghan Jihad revives old Jihadi ideology within Muslim masses. From that time till now, this Jihadi ideology is building up in Muslim countries, and the main reason for this is US foreign policy and Presence of Israel in Middle East. These two reasons act as a catalyst for this ideology. There was a great chance that with the passage of time, this ideology may be died out, but US foreign policy not only keeps it alive, but it also turned the old guns towards US.Israel is common enemy of Arabs, most of the Muslims never accept Israel as a state till this day, and believe that Israel is occupation of Muslim land, a brutal state having blood of thousands of Muslims in its hands. US support for Israel gradually turned the guns of Arab Afghan fighters towards US. Gulf war speed up the process of US hate in Arab world, and US permanent military bases in Arab countries give them enough reason to blow up some Americans. It is truth that American moves were suspicious for Arabs, at one side US support every Israeli move against Arab countries, and on the other hand, act as a friend for many Arab countries like Saudi Arabia and Egypt. Today, Every time Israeli forces raid Gaza, Hamas becomes more powerful. Every time Nato bomb civilians in Afghanistan, Taliban gain more strength. Every time US abuse in Iraqi prisons highlighted in media, Alqaeda has more recruits. Afghan and Iraqi invasion make militants more strong, and US armies involvement in so many cases against civilians make them worst devil for Arab youth, that should be punished.
To be Continue...

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Collapse Of Arab World, and Rise of Jihadistan 2:

AFGHAN JIHAD: The beginning
If we go back into history, the point of origin of these militant organizations was the “Jihad in Afghanistan”. In Muslim world, Jihad was almost something of past before the Russian invasion of Afghanistan. Even when European countries occupied the entire Muslim world under colonialism, there was no Jihad on a wider scale. Afghanistan and a movement in Algeria were exceptions at that time. Russia easily absorbed all Muslim Central Asia without any resistance. But when Russians invade Afghanistan, it was just like a wave of current across the Muslim world. As usual, Afghans reject foreign occupation and their youth started to fight even with sticks and stones in the early time of Afghan Jihad. The committed resistance against Russia shows light to American policy makers, and US jumped into the war with money and weapons for their revenge of Vietnam. Pakistan, knowing that if Afghanistan fall into the hands of Russians, the only land left between Russians and Arabian Sea will be Balochistan, also jumped in by providing logistic support for Mujahideen and allowed them to set their bases in Pakistan.It was the time when words like “JIHAD” and “MUJAHIDEEN” were echoed across the world. It was the time when guns, weapons and bombs were introduced in Afghanistan and Tribal areas of Pakistan. Now, to keep Ak47 is mandatory for 16-year-old boy in Tribal areas of Pakistan and Afghanistan. The question is, who introduced this foreign weapon to these people? That was the time when money was pouring in not only from US but from Rich Arabs, Europe and South East Asia, and was used for building hundreds of Madrssahs across North Western Frontier of Pakistan. Arab scholars were welcomed, new Jihadi literature was written, published and taught in those Madrssahs. Books about jihad were distributed all across Arab world, brave stories of Afghan and Arab Mujahideen were circulating among Muslim masses, and atmosphere was created that boost Jihadi spirit in Muslim youth. In all these developments of that time, US ingredient was also involved.
Role of Pakistani Madrssahs:
Jihadi Literature was introduced into Afghan and Pakistani newly built as well as old Madrssahs and till now these books are part of curriculum of these Madrssahs. Now, 2 million people are studying in these Madrssahs, everyone knows these are the breeding grounds for new jihadists, these students are in fact continue chain of recruits for Taliban, but no one has power to stop them. Even though, all of the foreign Taliban arrested in Afghan invasion including John Walker Lindh were connected to Pakistani Madrssahs, link of 7/7 bombers were traced down to Pakistani Madrssahs, and now Jamia Hafsa, a challenging force for Pakistani government is located just few streets away from Pakistani parliament in the center of Pakistan’s capital, but still, Pakistani military ruler is unable to take any action because of the power of these Madrssahs. How can a government take action against Madrssahs having 2 million students? And hundreds of thousands are already passed out and are part of Pakistani society. In fact, some of the owners of some chains of Madrssahs are sitting in Parliament. Even though, Mr Musharaf is doing his best to make US happy, but he also know that taking any action against these Madrssahs will destabilize his own country. The numbers of these Madrssahs are on the increase; especially Madrssahs for females are increasing very fast. BBC issued a report about increasing trend in Pakistani females for taking admissions in these religious schools. So point is, these Pakistani Madrssahs are major breeding ground for all militant Islamic parties and their students have a very clear ideology for an Islamic state, and now it looks almost impossible to take any action against these Madrssahs. We have to remember that these Madrssahs once were serving for US interests, and were funded by US, but to US shock, now are the worst opposition against US imperialism.
To be continue...

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The Red Mosque And Confused Nation 2:

Part 2
Secularists shout about the occupation of library by female students of Jamia Hafsa but we have to check a fact that they are not destroying library, every thing is as it was there before occupation and it is also open for common people. They didn't destroy anything or harm anyone. Why don't we see that it was the most harmless thing to record your protest when no one is listening to you? We witnessed that these same secular parties when protested about anything in Past went on rampage into streets and cause destruction to public and state property. We recently witnessed a similar situation on 12 May when rival political parties clashed with each other in Karachi causing 48 deaths and destruction of state as well as public property. The main clash was between MQM, PPP and ANP, all claim to be secular parties, and amazingly MQM who had main part in all that blood shed is sitting in government. This is Pakistan, those who were involved in massacre of people on 12 May are still roaming on streets and are sitting in government offices, but this civilized way of protest to hold control of small library without harming anything is barbaric and extremist in their view. I can only say that this is hypocrisy at its peak.

Many Pakistanis support them because they are saying that Pakistan should be ruled by Shariah and this is what makes them right. We are not talking about Mullahs rule or Army rule here; we are talking about secular rule or Islamic rule. Do we think for a moment that will Pakistan be one single country under pure secular rule in next 10 years? We will be 4 different states, when there are already nationalist movements growing in Baluchistan and interior Sindh.

When administration of Red Mosque announced to establish Shariah courts, it created row all over in secular circles, accusing these Islamists of challenging states judicial system. But what judicial system are they talking about? In NWFP and Tribal belt of Pakistan, millions choose local Jirgas instead of our pathetic sacred Justice system to seek justice. In 90% of NWFP and Balochistan, these local and tribal Jirgas are judicial system for local people. In all interior Sindh and Punjab, where Landlords have total control over people’s life in their area, Panchaiyat system is judicial system for people that cannot decide anything against the will of local feudal lord. Two years ago, one of such Panchayats decided to rape a woman in front of whole village just because her younger brother played with young daughter of local feudal lord, but these secular circles never protested about this crime. I don’t know are these secularist really so innocent or are they following some agenda. We know that a family from interior Punjab came to Jamia Hafsa a month ago for seeking help just because their feudal lord raped their 2 daughters and police was not doing anything. Is this not something to protest about? Or are these secularists live in a dream. The ground reality is we have a failed judiciary system and most of Pakistanis do not have any trust in Judiciary.

It is a bitter fact and truth that if in interior Sindh or Punjab or in Bugti or Lagari areas of Balochistan, a man from ruling elite of these areas will rape woman belonging to poor families, our police or judiciary system cannot take any action. It is bitter truth that we have a judicial system sponsored by state, but it is a common practice that people go to famous madrssahs to solve their conflicts according to Shariah. Such courts are working in Pakistan from many years, it is common here, but the thing is, it highlighted in media for first time. Truth is that root cause of all this fuss is the utter failure of our law and its implementation. In every sense of a word, we ruled by a failed system. It is a fact that in the absence of law people will invariably turn to anyone who can provide justice.

There are hundreds of cases recorded in recent years in which people were abducted by Pakistani secret agencies without any charge or trial in courts. This is rule of law in Pakistan, and this is how government works here. So how can we talk about writ of a state when state itself is involved in unlawful activities?

Moreover, for me, I do not think that intentions of Jamia Hafsa are bad, if they want to close brothels in Pakistan, they are welcome. If they want to implement Islamic shariah, I support them. But if they want to beat me just because I don't have beard, than I don't support them and I don't want them, but I don’t think they have such intentions. Maulana Ghazi is holding a graduate degree from one of the top Pakistani university, and he worked in UN as well. So I do not think we are facing pure Madrssah's Mullahs here.

It is also a fact that purely secular law does not rule Pakistan, and there is a strong component of Shariah in the law books, but unfortunately, implementation is nowhere. In the name of women’s right bill, our secular rulers cheated the whole nation and were able to remove a good part of Islamic shariah from Pakistan’s law book. The sad fact is that the law in Pakistan is a plaything of the powerful. The issue is not shariah or secularism, it is equality and justice and in the Pakistani context, I feel shariah may also be exploited to suit the powerful just as our present laws are. The real problem with Pakistan is not the law, but the lack of and selective enforcement of law and if jamia hafsa is showing their power and commitment to enforce some sort of law than it should be welcomed.

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Collapse Of Arab World, and Rise of Jihadistan:

Part 1:

Horrible, A worst nightmare, awful, terrible or nastiest, these are the words we think about when asked about the present condition of Arab world, or if we make it little broad, than for many, this is condition of the whole Muslim world.

Most of the Muslim countries and Arab world is comparatively new born countries, just 50 to 40 years old, Central Asian countries even much younger, But what this world witness about all these Muslim countries is that this region is one of the most disturbed, bloody and troubled in last 50 years. It all started 80 years back, with an End of Islamic khilafah in 1924, division of the Muslim land as western colonies. After End of Khilafah, one by one, Muslim countries got independence. In 1950, there were less than 10 Muslim states, and today, there are 52. From the first day of newborn Muslim countries, we were in disagreement, and in conflict between the Muslim masses and the puppet governments that western powers didn’t forgot to install before leaving Muslims land.

Creation of Israel, Three Arab Israel wars, Iran-Iraq war, Iraqi occupation of Kuwait, Gulf war, Palestine issue, Oil reserves, cruel dictators, Kingdoms, lack of democracy, selfish rulers, and a cold war between Arab countries and Iran was witnessed by the people of this world in last 50 years. Oil reserves in Arab world bring foreign interest into their land, which turned into something else instead of blessing for the Arabs. In all conflicts of last 50 years, states against states were involved, but what Arab world is witnessing from last 10 to 15 years, is the conflict between the people and the governments. The newborn Muslim organizations are more radicalized, militant, and supporting force against the occupation, or present establishment. Old Muslim organizations in every Muslim country from last 50 years had no connections with militancy, such as Hizb ut tahrir, or ikhwan ul muslimeen, Jamaat e islami, Taablighi Jammat etc, but from last 10-15 years, many chose to side with the newborn militant organizations. Did ikhwan ul muslimeen attract enough Egyptians to be in power? No, but Hamas did.

Today, we can see clash between Alfatah and Hamas in Palestine, Israeli interference in Muslim lands like Palestine and Lebanon, and more deadly the secret operations of Mosad inside Arab world behind the curtain, American invasion of Muslim lands, unrest against the old regimes like Saudi Arabia and Egypt, Lebanon at the edge of Civil war, Iraq at the edge of sectarian war, ready to suck in Iran and Saudia Arabia in wider conflict and violence escalating all over the Arab world like never before, pulling whole Arab world towards a devastating collapse. But there is one thing common in all these conflicts, and it is rise and increase in support for the militant Muslim organizations. The rise Of Hamas in Palestine, support of Hezbollah all over the world, Most Anti US man was elected by the Iranians, Alqaeda looking more and more dangerous, continue to have new recruits from Arab world, Jihadists Sunnis virtually control Alanbar province of Iraq, and Shias supporting Mehdi Army, Taliban gaining more and more power back again in Afghanistan, and even in central Asia, Uzbek president had to kill 600 innocent people to curb Islamic uprising, Mr Musharaf end up with having a deal with Militants in the north western Pakistan, after his failed adventure that cost him 1000 soldiers, uprising of UIC in Somalia, Islamists again in action in Algeria etc. All these organizations are militant, and most of the above-mentioned incidents are happening in Arab world or in the neighbor indirectly affecting Arab world.

Today, Even there are some parts of this world totally controlled by the militants, or jihadists like Northern-Western part of Pakistan, Palestine, many parts of Afghanistan, and Alanbar in Iraq. As the things are going on in this world, in Muslim world, and especially in Arab world, none of these militant groups are looking to surrender, instead, are gaining more support and recruits, so where the Arab world is heading? What will be the future?

Now the question is, why these militant Muslim organizations came into being? What is their political stand? And how are they surviving even though they are a challenging force not only for their governments but also for the world’s only super power. US does not hesitate to strike on these militant organizations in any part of the world, even if they are doing any activity within their own country, as US did in the case of Somalia.

To be continue..

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The Terrorist

Danish Thought that Talha was working for CIA, so he tried to...

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Starting My Video Blog on YouTube:

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My First Video Experiment on YouTube

Taliban: An exploration from Books.

If we search "Taliban" on any search engine, there will be huge list of news and articles popping up in front of us written by writers who never went to Afghanistan, never met any Taliban nor any current local leader. A short look over these articles will create a picture of Taliban as barbaric and inhumane. If we look at the US media than it specially paints the picture of current local rulers of Afghanistan as angels and Taliban as cruel bunch of people. If we analyze these claims from some books written by famous writers, than we find some different story. Here I want to share some parts of these books and let us see will they answer your or my questions?

Are Taliban barbaric and murderes?

The Taliban’s interpretation of shariah or Islamic law demanded the execution of the murderer by the victim’s family, but not before a last minute appeal is made by the judge to the victim’s relatives to spare the murderer. If they granted mercy the victim’s family would receive blood money or monetary compensation. But how much of this interpretation of Islamic law by the Taliban is owed to shariah and how much is owed to the pashtun tribal code of behavior or Pashtunwali, is what is disputed by many Muslim theologians, both inside Afghanistan and beyond.

By now some 20 male relatives of the victim had appeared on the pitch and the Qazi turned to them. Raising his arm to sky, he appealed to them to spare the life of Abdullah in exchange for blood money “You will go to Mecca ten times if you spare this man. Our leaders have promised to pay a huge sum to you from a bait ul mal (Islamic fund) if you forgive him”. He told the relatives. As all the relatives shook their heads in refusal, the Taliban guards pointed their guns at the crowed and warned that they would shoot anyone who moved. There was silence in the stands.

Page 4, From Taliban: Islam, oil and the new great game in Central Asia By Ahmed Rashid

Are US allies in Afghanistan symbol of liberty, democracy and freedom?

He wielded power ruthlessly. The first time I arrived at the fort to meet Dostum there were bloodstains and pieces of flesh in the muddy courtyard. I innocently asked the guards if the goat had been slaughtered. They told me that an hour earlier Dostum had punished a soldier for stealing. The man had been tied to the tracks of Russian-made tank, which then drove around the courtyard crushing his body in to mincemeat. As the garrison and Dostum watched…Dostum is a bear of a man with a gruff laugh, which, some Uzbeks swear, has on occasion frightened people to death.

Page 56, From Taliban: Islam, oil and the new great game in Central Asia By Ahmed Rashid

What was the reason of Afghanistan invasion? Is it Terrorism or something else?

Raphael’s call for engagement with the Taliban attracted support outside the Clinton administration, especially from Unocal. Marty Miller and his colleagues hoped the Taliban take over of Kabul would speed their pipeline negotiations. Within week of the capital’s capture, Unocal formed a new financial partnership to build the pipeline, announced the creation of an advisory board made up of prestigious American experts on South and Central Asia, and opened a new office in Taliban’s heartland, Kandhar. Marty Miller insisted publicly that Unocal remained “fanatically neutral” about Afghan politics, but it was clear that the Taliban’s military victory would be helpful in reducing the number of parties to the Unocal pipeline talk.

Republican and congressional experts also declared that America should give the Taliban a chance. ”it is time for United States to reengage’, wrote zalmay khalilzad, one of the American government’s leading Afghan specialists, soon after the Taliban takeover of the Kabul. “The Taliban does not practice the anti-US style of fundamentalism practiced by Iran. It is closer to the Saudi model.” This remained the common prism of American thinking about Islamists political movements: Saudi Arabia was conservative, pious and non-threatening, while Iran was active, violent and revolutionary. As doctrinaire Sunni Muslims, the Taliban vehemently opposed Iran and its Shiite creed, and in the sense they were allied with the American interests. Khalilzad was soon invited to join Unocal’s advisory board, along with Robert Oakley, the former US ambassador to Pakistan.

Page 338-339 FROM Ghost Wars: The Secret History of the CIA, Afghanistan, and Bin Laden, from the Soviet Invasion to September 10, 2001 BY Steve Coll

One of the most interesting name from above mentioned text is of Mr. Zalmay Khalilzad who later become US ambassador in Afghanistan and was thought to be real ruler of Afganistan under US occupation. Unocal, rumsfield ,Zalmay khalilzad , American invasion and control of land, what else is left in a puzzle?

Sunday, July 01, 2007

My Views On Saddam Hussain Execution

A bit late but important to share

A "Murderer" OR "Savior of Arabs”, A "Hero" or "Villain", who was he? The Answer depends on the person who is answering this question, is he a Sunni Arab? Is he a Kurd? Is he a Shia? Is he someone from American government today? OR is he someone from American government 20 years back? All have different Answers for the same question. One of the former President of A Muslim country hanged on the day of Eid, under the absolute direction of Bush, after an unfair trial, When his country is occupied by invaders, When his country is standing at the edge of sectarian violence, executed in a hurry. Isn't it a shame for all of us Muslims? He was a bad man, he deserved even worst than this, but... Not now, Not under US, Not when sectarian violence is at its peak. Everyone knows who is behind his execution, no matter how much US pretend to be far from this. Are we that stupid? If there is no American soldier there, so will it make any difference? Will this hide truth? Whenever I think about Saddam's execution, I question myself, Are Americans that stupid? Or is there any hidden Agenda? When Shia and Sunnis are killing each other and US knows that Saddam has some good support among Sunni masses around whole Arab world. How can US let it happen when they want an end to sectarian violence?
How can they let some one in black masks with Saddam at the time of his execution cheering Muqtada al sadar? And then someone making video of this, distributing it on net, so that the Arab Sunni masses can see the guys cheering Shia leaders, when Saddam is hanged... wow, great Drama, showing Sunnis that "see, Shias are behind it. They hanged him, go and take your revenge. Great job US, The day of Eid, staged drama at his execution, increasing more differences between Shias and Sunnis, implementing your plan of "Divide and Rule" Uncle Sam, you are genius.There is no doubt that US was in hurry to execute him, but why? He was in jail, of no purpose, living in a pathetic situation, getting caught in a shameful state, he was a pathetic murderer under US jail. But the way his trial went, the way his appeal rejected, the way he get executed, and the way he stand there, and his last sentences just make him a strong, brave man in front of world, and it shows the hypocrisy of the American President. Saddam being dead so nobody will ever be able now to interview him regarding his dealings with Rumsfeld at the time of the Reagan administration, a judge can only charge him for killings of Kurds with deadly gas, but never ask about the source of that Deadly gas? Free speech yeah...Is he hanged for the 100000 deaths under his 20 years regime? So who will be hanged for 650,000 deaths of Iraqis from last 3 and half years under US occupation?No doubt an evil man "Saddam" has shown more dignity in his final minutes than those who are now in charge of Iraq of the US and UK Governments. It is a lesson for the Muslim leaders acting as American slaves; this is how America deals with its old friends. This is how America deals with the world politics, making a dictator, than brings an end to him. What US is showing this world from this show that how good America is in removing cruel dictators from their country to save innocent people of that country, and at the same time supporting two more worst dictators "Islam Karimonov" in Uzbekistan, and Mr Musharaf in Pakistan? This is American world, this is what Power is, you can tell this world who is wrong and who is right, and rest have to follow you.
Mr. Saddam may have caused terrible suffering to some of his own people, but then again, have the coalition caused less suffering? Was there the same lawlessness and lack of security in Iraq in Saddam’s time compared to now? Will coalition leaders be executed for crimes against humanity? Will US hang American soldiers involved in Haditha massacre? Did world hang Serbs involved in Bosnian Muslim Massacres? Why double standards? It will only increase hate amongst Sunni Arabs for US, especially, the secular ones because Baath party consists of secular people, giving more recruits to Sunni insurgency who definitely have nothing negative impact on them, infact another ideological success, more accusations against US in their communication among masses.Saddam regime was bad, but better than US, If he killed some of his opponents, Kurds, Shias, and anti Baath Sunnis, than we also have to admit that Shias, Sunnis and Kurds live in mix population very peacefully, is there a same situation now? If he was a brutal leader, than he was also providing free education, health to every Iraqi with Iraqi literacy rate among the best among Arab worlds, is there a same situation? If he had his own expensive houses, than he was also building best roads, buildings, hospitals, schools and universities for the ordinary people, is this case today? His country was strongest among Arabs, A country that can threat Israel, with its military and strong economy. There were thousands of deaths in Iraq under his regime due to lack of medicines under Internationals sanctions, but I am sure no one dies due to hunger under his regime. In a nut shell, Iraq was far more stable under his evil regime than under current “Saviors of Humanity".The staged drama at his execution, with no American presence, masked men cheering Shia leaders in front of video cameras, will only fuel sectarian violence, making way for Iraq's division into three states, A "Dream come true" for Israel, the strongest threat in Arab world falling into pieces with Kurd state as Israeli Friend. Great job done Uncle Sam, Your Israeli masters are really happy with your work...