Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Feedback Stipulation

The Feedback Stipulation:

All working environments demand progress and productivity. Every Organization builds over employee's growth in terms of their skills and experience. Employees are the foundation support within organization and if the foundation is strong and solid, the overall structure of organization will also be well-built. So it is very much important for managers or team leaders to ensure a surrounding that enable employee to enhance his skill set as well as evolve intellectual capabilities with good rate.

Necessity of Feedback:

When we discuss improvement in skill sets of employees and the factors that guarantee improvement in skills of employees, Feedback is the factor that we can not overlook. Feedback from managers or Team leaders is the most powerful factor in order to improve skills of employees, but only when appropriately use. Well written feedbacks leave a deep impact on the readers mind and create an influence of writer. A powerful feedback serves multiple purposes, it not only guides employee to a right direction, but also motivates him.

Basic Structure of Feedback:

Writing a feedback is not an easy task, it needs brain storming, selection of right words, true assessment and right timing. Feedback is not something to write in a hurry, it needs time from writer's end to evaluate subject in detail before writing something. It only needs one feedback to either motivate employee or discourage him, so writing a right feedback is very important.

Right Timing of Feedback:

Before writing a feedback, it is important to ensure that you are writing it when there is requirement and employee needs it. Right timing is an important factor, but often not considered. For example, it is not good to right a feedback to a new employee when he is in learning phase; it creates an extra pressure and reduces comfort level of employee that is very much needed for learning. Similarly, if an employee is doing an excellent job, there is no need for feedback but only an appreciation is required.

Right Reason for Feedback:

When you feel that it is right time to write a feedback, next question is why you want to write a feedback to particular employee? The right answer of the question is to bring improvement in employee, and improvement comes when all deficiencies at employee's end are rightly assessed and highlighted. If assessment is not true, the feedback could spoil the authority and influence of feedback writer.

The feedback should not be of one dimension, but it should be mixture of appreciation of good work, highlight shortcomings, pointing out weak areas with right solutions and setting a goal for employee to achieve. Writing a rightly structured feedback is an art that leaves a strong impact on the reader and increase the influence of writer. It is much more preferable to write a strong feedback in long time instead of writing two liner feedbacks with regular intervals.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Discipline and Creative Chaos

In most of the working organizations, a strict disciplined approach is followed for the employees like a divine rule. It is thought that strict rules ensuring disciplined approach in a working environment gives assurance to productivity. When you follow a strict disciplined approach, it means that you are imposing limits and barriers in front of human intellectual.

There is no perimeter for human potential; it is a God gifted "set of abilities" that varies from person to person. Every human being lives with different experiences and family backgrounds, such variables in lives of every individual cultivate different sets of skills within people. Most often, these set of "born abilities and learned skills" remained unidentified in individuals until they are provided with favorable conditions that enables them to walk through the phase of self identification and self believe. Once filled with self believe, people can have a true grasp of all their abilities and skills that multiply their growth, increase their productivity and static approach turns into dynamic one.

In a strict disciplined environment, it is most unlikely that people can revert to such hidden abilities or skills. Organizations always grow over the creativity and innovation within its employees that is only possible when employees are provided with more comfortable environment. The more comfortable and relax employees are, more creativity and innovation will pour out from them. Human intellectuality flourishes over unconfined surroundings, so providing employees with such feeling is significant if creativity is encouraged.

It is possible that if knots around a strict disciplined workplace are loosed, the momentum within organization gets disturbed, but it is natural whenever change is implemented. It demands a much effective management and more focused vertical eye on employees to direct a new born chaos within employees towards creativity and innovation. If such conditions are followed in any organization, producing a team of self motivated and highly productive individuals is more than achievable.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Responsibilities of Team Leader

Manage, coach, prepare, analysis, innovation, improvement etc are the terms that can jump into mind when think about responsibilities of a Team leader.


Team Leader is a first-line manager of his team, so the obvious key responsibility is to “Manage”. Manage at all cost, manage in high load, manage with limited resources, manage with less human resource, manage with less headsets, to make it short it’s all about managing in every tough situation. In our working environment, we often face unpredictable high load as well as limitation of resources, and as a Team leader we need to respond to such challenges instead of reacting. Remember, to respond is Positive and to react is negative. You can either “Cry” about it or you can do something to contain, limit the affects or sometime even can do better.


Innovation is the most fascinating thing one can do in his area of supervision. It pushes your brain, it gives you experience to manage change, it gives you a new ride with you on a front seat and it make you learn how to take calculated risks. If one compare Banking sector with call center industry, than our call centre industry is a new born baby that is still waiting for many improvements, many innovations and many re written SOPs. It is always a single phrase, “I think I can do it in a better way than this”. That’s the phrase, that’s the only sentence that it takes for innovation.


Injections, yes, one needs to inject lot of things into your team. Inject in the feeling of working in a team, an injection for sense of achievement and injection for a sense of recognition. The market surveys proved that the first thing that an employee wanted is recognition. What satisfies my team member? Money? Nah, all market surveys rejected that. It is sense of recognition, achievement, work, responsibility and than money down the ladder.


Khird kai Pass Khabar Kai siwa kuch orr Nahin!!
(There is nothing with consciousness except information)

Tera Illaj Nazar Kai siwa Kuch orr Nahin!!!
(There is nothing that can improve your condition except Vision)

Common vision for your team is the ultimate solution, so is the academic definition of Team” A set of people that work towards a common goal”. The simple equation that one can derive from the definition is “productivity of the team is directly proportional to the clarity of common goal”. You give them blurred goals and they will fail you again and again, you give them clear goal with common vision, and they will turn into achievers.


Effective managers give 44% of their time to communication, so communicate. Guide them, teach them, motivate them, set goals for them, build in goal oriented approach and don’t let them build stress.

Discipline is the over emphasized term that is used in organizations and very wrongly. If you set boundaries, you limit the potential. It is well proved now that chaos contains much more creative approach than disciplined mind. It is only that you need to channelize chaos into innovative chaos.