Monday, November 30, 2009

The ability to think beyond the limitations and Iqbal

The Ability to Think Beyond the Limitations:

When I see around the world, I see poverty, sufferings and war. I see a world where 96% of world's wealth is in the pockets of less than 1% of the total population. I see individual failure, collective failure, failed states, failed nations, and a failed humanity where hunger, poverty, crime, war and terrorism are on the rise. I question myself, why is there such an inequity in society, some people with success and majority are failure. Very few are achievers and rest, the masses are losers. Why is it? And the answer from somewhere inside me says, because they don’t deserve it, because very few deserve this success and achievement.

Then what is it that someone requires to deserve success? Again, a voice said "Vision".

There are very few people who actually have vision of their life, who even have a clear understanding of what this life is? Life is a unique gift for every individual on this earth, and life is what they think of it. As Iqbal said

Hiyaat kia hai, Khiyaal o nazar Ki majzoobi
Khudi Ki mout hai andisha Hai gonagon

It is all about how evolved your mind is, how dynamic are you in your approach towards your goals, it is all about your addiction to your achievements and it is all about your "Can do" attitude. When a human acquires all these abilities, then there is birth of an ability that makes you visionary and gives you this ability to think beyond the limitations, beyond the illusion of this materialistic life surrounding you. It is than when you really start deserving the real success.

Be Dynamic:

Iqbal said:

Tu abhi rahguzar main hai, Qaid e Maqam sai guzar
Miser o Hijaz sai Guzar, Paras o Shaam sai guzar

All it means is that the youth is still on their path of life, and what they need is a dynamic approach, they need to pass through the static state of mind. They need to keep evolving their mind, to open their minds for new ideas, ready to bring change in their life. They just cannot be static in their approach; they need to be dynamic and ever evolving. They need to think beyond the limitations of nationalism and racism. They need to think "globally”.

Jis ka amal hai bai gharaz, Uss Ki jaza Kuch or Hai
Hoor o khiyam sai guzar, Bada o Jaam sai guzar

The one who do things just for the internal satisfaction, the outcome he seeks will be something special. One needs to pass through the desire of Jannah and Virgins there, he needs to do good for his own sake, for his own satisfaction, for the love of the creator, and when he is able to do this, there comes the prize one even cannot perceive in his imagination.

Critical thinking skill:

We all know that our 5 senses gives input to our mind in the form of data, our mind than interpret and manipulate that data (Thinking process) and than decide for something. We all have same 5 senses, than why only few have this ability of good decision making? Just because they push their brains to play with the input data with self believe. Most of the people simply don't use their brain to play with that data.

What it requires is passion for achieving something, that passion than push your mind to interpret and manipulate data faster and faster until the level when you start thinking critically, known to be the basic prerequisite for achieving success. The extreme form of this ability gives you strength to see behind the wall, a fascinating and very rare ability to achieve.

As Iqbal said

Woh Hurf e Raz Keh Mujh ko sikha giya hai junnon
Khuda Mujhai nafs e Jibraeil dai tou kahon

This passion, this energy that pushes one towards their goals makes them learn a new world of secrets, true answers, and reality behind every single matter surrounding them. And it requires a place near God, a strong link with your creator like that of the most beloved and closes Angle Gabriel to deliver what this strength demands from you. You need to bring in the spiritual factor in it if you want to gain from most of it. It is than when you become one of the very few people who knows the reality.

Zameer e paak o Nigah buland o masti e shouq
Naa maal o dolat e Qaroon, Na fikar e Aflatoon
Sabaq milla hai yeh Miaraj e mustafa ( PBUH ) sai mujhai
Kai Aalam e bashriyat ki zad main hai Gardoon

Iqbal describe the three most important characteristics for achieving high status of your mind. First, "Zameer e Paak", means pure inner self, clean from all diseases of heart like distrust, racism, pride, arrogance etc, second is "Nigah e buland”, a vision that sees in time, in future, through the illusion of matter. Third is "masti e shouq', passion that makes you obsessive, that push you towards your goals. These are the characteristics you should acquire in order to achieve an evolved mind, because nor money can neither any ideology without spirituality get you to this level.

What one can learn from the incident of "Mairaj e mustafa"? It simply shows that this whole system is within the reach of human intellectual, all the answers are reachable, all the secrets and hidden reality is there waiting to be discovered by our mind.

In one of his other poem, Iqbal said

hai zauq-e-tajali bhi isi khak mai pinhan
gafil tu nira sahib-e-idrak nai hai
kiya khaber sufi o mula ko meraye junoon ki
un ka sar-e-daman bhi abi chak nai hai

The ability to see the extreme reality, to see God is hidden in you, in the followers of true deen. But unfortunately, you don’t know about your own reality, about your own inner strength. You lack self believe, you lack that obsession that drives you mad.
What these sufis and religious leaders know about the real passion? They don’t know it, they cannot explain it, and they themselves are not that evolved today that they can even perceive what reality of this deen, this system of creator is. Their minds are closed, static and not evolved. They are followers, not thinkers, not leaders; they just follow what they read without questioning it, without trying to find logic, without trying to search for a true answer behind every instruction of God.


There is one state of mind, a rare one that Iqbal talks about throughout his poetry like "maira Noor e Basirat aam kar dai", and “Khuda tujhai meri tarah Sahab e israr karai", and "Woh Hurf e Raz Keh Mujh ko sikha giya hai junoon" and in many other parts of his poetry. What is this dimension that Iqbal talks about, what this "Noor e Basirat" or " Sahab e Israr”, or "hurf e raaz" is? This is what I understand as state of en evolved mind when human mind is able to see things in right perspective, through the illusion of materialistic life and could see into time. This is what I have tried to explain in this writing, and Allah SWT knows best!!!