Saturday, June 30, 2007

The Red Mosque And Confused Nation

Part 1:
Jamia Hafsa madrsa (Women religious school) is central point of all discussions and talk shows in media from last few months in Pakistan. Lal Masjid, a mosque with the madrsa was in Media from last three years. They first appear under light when links of one of the 7/7 bombers in London were traced back to “Lal Masjid” and “Jamia faridiya” male Islamic school linked with this mosque. Once again when Imam of the mosque Moulana Abdul Aziz issued a fatwa about dead Pakistani soldiers in Tribal areas that no one should attend their Namaz e Janaza. But what brings this female religious (Jamia Hafsa) school into light is when students of this school run into a brothel and kidnapped three women. They kept them within the madrsa in ISLAMABAD (known as most secular and liberal city and Capital of Pakistan) for three days, and the whole government machinery was not able to do any thing. This was something new for Pakistan; They again challenged Pakistani government after few days when they captured two policemen and kept them captives for few days, and last week they run into Chinese massage centre and kidnapped 9 people including Chinese national. All this is pointing towards a fact that we are definitely moving towards a huge clash between Islamists and this secular government. They show how strong these Islamists are, that police was not able to do any thing, why? Because there are 6500 women covering all in black with steel rods in their hands and Government knows that any action will ultimately result in fire from Police that ends up in deaths of some of these women, and we know that Pakistani society is a little more sensitive about women, will cause huge row within Pakistan and government don’t want this especially under current political crisis and when elections are at the edge. As Mr. Musharaf said that “I can take action but I don't want to kill women and destroy mosque".Amazingly, In Pakistan’s history, there were some incidents where male Islamists were involved. But this is first time women Islamists doing this, and doing this in a way, that even their action challenged central government within Capital of Pakistan, but still government is not able to do any thing. Some of the students of the same school took over a library in Islamabad in protest after demolishing of a mosque and are demanding Islamic law in Pakistan, and till now are there, and government is negotiating with them to rebuild that mosque again at different location. Now, even some news reports mentioned that government is ready to rebuild all 7 mosques, but there is no change in instance of Red Mosque Administration.
I read a news report in bbc, may be just two years back mentioning that number of women seeking admissions in Islamic schools is increasing, but I didn't have any idea at that time that it will cause this new situation in Pakistan. This is just one female Islamic school in Pakistan with 6500 female students, ready to clash with government for Islam’s sake, and there are hundreds more, many of these recently built, when this women will become mothers, what will their children become? Every year these Islamic schools produce thousands of these female Islamic scholars that are going to be absorbed by Pakistani society. Is it a starting point for a huge clash between secular and Islamic forces within Pakistan? clash, clash, clash that is what I can see future in Pakistan.

When these students were showing their power in Islamabad by challenging government’s authority, at the same time secular parties, foreign funded NGO’s and secularists were showing their power all over Pakistan by protesting against actions of Jamia Hafsa. Pointing towards a fact that from the first day of independence, we act like a confused nation and a confused state. We are citizens of Islamic republic of Pakistan, but still there is no Islamic system in Pakistan, but a secular dictatorship that encourages westernization of Pakistan in the name of “Enlightened Moderation”. Millions of Muslims sacrificed their money, their lives and their land under the slogan that a country will be created for them where they can live under Islamic law. We were promised for an Islamic state, but not for a secular state. If Muslims need secular state than there was no logical justification for existence and creation of Pakistan as India is a secular state. We were living in a secular state so there was no need to divide land for another one. There are hundreds of thousands of Pakistanis who believe that our land was created for Islam, and the secularists in power moving this country towards a complete secular state, make the rest feel that their ancestors were cheated in the name of Islam. When there will be no difference between Indian media and Pakistani media, than it definitely make Muslims frustrated. When brothels and wines shops will start operating in every street and government encourages it, than it will be definitely pushing some people towards extremism. Pakistan was created in the name if Islam and Islamic state is our destiny, anything less than this is not acceptable for most of Pakistanis.

Although actions of students of Jamia Hafsa are not proper but again, what other options are left? When brothels are operating next door? And when people complaint to police they refused to take any action. When there is no Islamic system even though Pakistan was created in the name of Islam. When Pakistan gain 12th position in “Failed state index” under 8 year rule of current secular dictatorship. I don't know what else one can do to make things right... The truth is Muslims were cheated in the name of Pakistan, the creators of Pakistan were cheaters, and responsible for millions of deaths at the time of independence. We all Pakistanis are confused people, who still don't know why this place was created. At least, People at Jamia Hafsa know and remembered why this place was created, and if anyone is living in a dream that we can bring Islamic system in Pakistan without challenging present establishment, and with some so-called peaceful method, than keep waiting for next 1000 years.I don't know what we expect a madrsa could do when people come to them to solve their problem instead of police or judiciary system? Why, because everyone knows about Pathetic police and judiciary system of Pakistan... Our rubbish systems are creating these problems, we have to check root causes of all this before criticizing anyone for their actions. First we have to agree the existing system does not work.
To be continued...