Wednesday, July 18, 2007

RED MOSQUE OPERATION: Road to division of Pakistan

Welcome to Islamic Republic of Pakistan, few days ago here special commandos from Pakistan army stormed a mosque and religious school of women in an operation causing deaths of yet to determine number of students including women, men and children. An operation conducted by Pakistani army against Pakistani nationals who were in favor of Shariah rule. As the bloody operation ends, a series of reprisal suicide attacks started by Pakistanis against Pakistani army leading to almost 100 deaths of security agencies.

New enforcements of Pakistani soldiers are sent to Northern parts of Pakistan and Tribal areas and Pakistani soldiers are preparing themselves for another operation against Pakistanis in Swat. The deal between Pakistani establishment and Pakistani tribal men made after deaths of hundreds of Pakistani soldiers and thousands of Pakistani citizens in attacks against each other has been broken. A suicide attack in Mir Ali killing 3 soldiers is a starting point of new bloody conflict in which once again Pakistani soldiers will kill their own people, and in which Pakistani people will attack with suicide belts on their own army.

Today, Pakistan army is killing Pakistanis and in revenge Pakistanis are killing Pakistani soldiers, result of our great state policy. I am sure Indians, Americans and Israelis are dancing on situation of Pakistan today under Musharaf's policies. Pakistani nation did a mistake when they accept a dictator 8 years ago and didn’t resist, if someone searches for peace and prosperity under dictator and army rule than I really doubt his mental strength. How many suicide attacks were there before Musharaf on Pakistani Army? Do we have a sense to calculate building hate among Pakistani masses against Pakistan army? Do we know consequences of this? In how may countries of this world army is killing their own people? In Somalia, in Afghanistan, in Iraq and in Pakistan, All having a common factor that their governments are US allies but bulk of population of these countries hate US policies. All governments of these countries depends on US support to be in power, and for the sake of their power, they are killing their own citizens.

Population of whole tribal belt of Pakistan is against Pakistani army, Baloch nationalists are already leading a movement for independent Balochistan that was fueled when Pakistani army killed Akbar bugty. And now army is preparing for operations against few religious schools in NWFP. Where this conflict between our own army and our own people leading Pakistan to? Are we moving towards a geographical division of our country? Today, our policies take us to 12th position in failed state index. Our own people are blowing our Gas pipelines in Balochistan, our own people are blowing army vehicles in NWFP, and our own people are writing books against our own Army today.

Red mosque operation and many unanswered questions started a new conflict between our liberal extremists and religious extremists. At that day, in the name of rights of prostitutes, hundreds of religious students were massacred. In Capital talk, Hamid mir said that it was police that told Jamia Hafsa Administrator to kidnap Aunty shamim (A prostitute) as police was not able to take any legal action against her because of her links with ministers like Sheikh Rashid. This is rule of law in Pakistan; I don’t know how can any Pakistani talks about rule of law in Pakistan?

Unfortunately there is no system in Pakistan, Islamic or otherwise. Each leader has filled his pockets with wealth of ordinary people. President Musharraf is using whole government machinery to boost his power and for his survival as President. Involvement of our agencies in extra judicial kidnappings is not a hidden fact today, and our President admits in his book how Pakistani agencies sold our own nationals for dollars who ends up in Guantanamo Bay.

On last night of that operation, the deal was almost final between the red mosque administration, Scholars and government ministers to resolve Red mosque issue peacefully, but when everything was done, our Army generals change the whole draft that was unacceptable for red Mosque and scholars. It is reported fact that our army receives 1billion dollars from US every year for their role in war on terror, and Pakistani parliament, Pakistani people have no right to question use of that money. Our generals distribute that money among themselves, so how these decision makers in Pakistan can do any thing that may end up in suspension of this aid. After all, their Master America is already not happy with them on the issue of Peace deal with Tribal Taliban. We all know who is decision maker in our country, it is not parliament, it is not our ministers, it is not our Scholars, and it is not even our prime minister. It is general Musharaf and circle of generals surrounding him, and they never want that 1 billion dollars yearly to be suspended. At that day Pakistani army killed Pakistani women, men and children for the sake of 1 billion dollar.

There are many unanswered questions that will only fuel anger of the religious masses of Pakistan. Who will answer these questions and who will satisfy a huge proportion of Pakistani population? Where are those hundred of women who were in there? Out of 6500 students only 1200 surrendered, where the rest disappear? Hundreds of relatives are still in search of their love ones, who are not in list of dead, not in surrendered and are not in hospitals. On that day, from 4-year-old to 80-year-old people of red mosque just disappeared.

At 3 pm, media reported 100 deaths, but the operation continued till 06 am, but the death count amazingly remains same. How is it possible? Were they fighting with walls for 15 hours? Where were those hostages for whom Government was doing propaganda? Where were those 400-500 women and children disappeared?

After 2 days, they show weapons to media in Red Mosque that involved everything except a Tank and aircraft, but amazingly red mosque administration didn't use it. Army was standing in front of them in ground but there was only one death at that time. Why didn't they fire those rockets? What about those 15 suicide bombers? What about Abuzar who was according to government was in Lal Masjid? What about foreigners? Where they all suddenly disappeared? Who will answer all these questions? It was a worst propaganda, used, just to kill hundreds to make Pakistan government’s foreign masters happy. Today, now, people are crying in Shahids masoods program “meray mutabiq” on calls? Now? Now they all are supporting Abdul rashid Ghazi? Now our minister Ijaz ul haq was crying in Hamid Mir program "Capital Talk"? Now? Is this all? Is this enough for forgiveness? Is this enough for killing young girls and boys in a mosque who were doing religious studies. It was a massacre that will promote more extremism and anti government feelings within Pakistan.

There was no suicide attacks on Pakistani army before Musharaf’s rule, but now the rate of suicide attacks is increasing rapidly. Red mosque Operation and deaths of innocent lives is a start of a war between our liberal extremists in our government and our religious extremists. It is policies of our liberal extremists that are destabilizing whole country. Unfortunately, these extremists in our government are using our army for their policies and that is a major reason for building hate among Pakistani masses against our own army. It now becomes fashion for people on media to blame every thing on Mullahs and blame every thing on religious extremists, but every one is forgetting our liberal extremists and their extreme approach that actually is fueling extremism on other hand. Who was that extremist who decided for an operation when a peace deal was almost there? Who was that extremist who never thought about innocent lives, and revenge attacks and destabilization of whole country at that time? Who will answer this question on Pakistani media? Mullahs are here in Pakistan from 60 years, but suicide attacks on Pakistani army were not practice here before Musharaf’s policies. If Pakistani nation still fails to identify real culprit than it will be too late for us. Pakistan army killing Pakistanis, and in revenge Pakistanis are killing Pakistan army, is this what we call a state policy? Is this how Pakistan become a better country? If we, as Pakistani nation still act like deaf, blind and dumb, than we will see geographical division of our country and no doubt, Operation on Red Mosque is the road to division of Pakistan.


Anonymous said...

You say things so different from the way I see them. I don't think the red mosque had the right to kidnap police officers or chinese people.

I was lead to believe that there were women and children inside the mosque who didn't want to be there. When the army blew open holes in the walls, a few were able to escape.

Now you tell me this isn't true. I don't know what side to believe. I'm sure a lot of what your saying is true. But also some is twisted to make Islam, and Sharia seem like the perfect answer.

It may be a cultural difference, but I don't know why people need to start dying to fight issues like prostitution.


Talha Aziz said...

there have been military dictators in pakistan before busharaff.. n not everybody liked them too ... there hav always been ppl that dont like the military presence in the political arena .. ppl hav hated the generals but never the army itself.. last time the ppl hated the army and attacked the 'common' soldiers.. v had our country divided... n now such attacks hav started again .. i hope it doesnt end up in a similar way :(

Carmelita said...

Well written article.