Friday, July 06, 2007

Collapse Of Arab World, and Rise of Jihadistan:

Part 1:

Horrible, A worst nightmare, awful, terrible or nastiest, these are the words we think about when asked about the present condition of Arab world, or if we make it little broad, than for many, this is condition of the whole Muslim world.

Most of the Muslim countries and Arab world is comparatively new born countries, just 50 to 40 years old, Central Asian countries even much younger, But what this world witness about all these Muslim countries is that this region is one of the most disturbed, bloody and troubled in last 50 years. It all started 80 years back, with an End of Islamic khilafah in 1924, division of the Muslim land as western colonies. After End of Khilafah, one by one, Muslim countries got independence. In 1950, there were less than 10 Muslim states, and today, there are 52. From the first day of newborn Muslim countries, we were in disagreement, and in conflict between the Muslim masses and the puppet governments that western powers didn’t forgot to install before leaving Muslims land.

Creation of Israel, Three Arab Israel wars, Iran-Iraq war, Iraqi occupation of Kuwait, Gulf war, Palestine issue, Oil reserves, cruel dictators, Kingdoms, lack of democracy, selfish rulers, and a cold war between Arab countries and Iran was witnessed by the people of this world in last 50 years. Oil reserves in Arab world bring foreign interest into their land, which turned into something else instead of blessing for the Arabs. In all conflicts of last 50 years, states against states were involved, but what Arab world is witnessing from last 10 to 15 years, is the conflict between the people and the governments. The newborn Muslim organizations are more radicalized, militant, and supporting force against the occupation, or present establishment. Old Muslim organizations in every Muslim country from last 50 years had no connections with militancy, such as Hizb ut tahrir, or ikhwan ul muslimeen, Jamaat e islami, Taablighi Jammat etc, but from last 10-15 years, many chose to side with the newborn militant organizations. Did ikhwan ul muslimeen attract enough Egyptians to be in power? No, but Hamas did.

Today, we can see clash between Alfatah and Hamas in Palestine, Israeli interference in Muslim lands like Palestine and Lebanon, and more deadly the secret operations of Mosad inside Arab world behind the curtain, American invasion of Muslim lands, unrest against the old regimes like Saudi Arabia and Egypt, Lebanon at the edge of Civil war, Iraq at the edge of sectarian war, ready to suck in Iran and Saudia Arabia in wider conflict and violence escalating all over the Arab world like never before, pulling whole Arab world towards a devastating collapse. But there is one thing common in all these conflicts, and it is rise and increase in support for the militant Muslim organizations. The rise Of Hamas in Palestine, support of Hezbollah all over the world, Most Anti US man was elected by the Iranians, Alqaeda looking more and more dangerous, continue to have new recruits from Arab world, Jihadists Sunnis virtually control Alanbar province of Iraq, and Shias supporting Mehdi Army, Taliban gaining more and more power back again in Afghanistan, and even in central Asia, Uzbek president had to kill 600 innocent people to curb Islamic uprising, Mr Musharaf end up with having a deal with Militants in the north western Pakistan, after his failed adventure that cost him 1000 soldiers, uprising of UIC in Somalia, Islamists again in action in Algeria etc. All these organizations are militant, and most of the above-mentioned incidents are happening in Arab world or in the neighbor indirectly affecting Arab world.

Today, Even there are some parts of this world totally controlled by the militants, or jihadists like Northern-Western part of Pakistan, Palestine, many parts of Afghanistan, and Alanbar in Iraq. As the things are going on in this world, in Muslim world, and especially in Arab world, none of these militant groups are looking to surrender, instead, are gaining more support and recruits, so where the Arab world is heading? What will be the future?

Now the question is, why these militant Muslim organizations came into being? What is their political stand? And how are they surviving even though they are a challenging force not only for their governments but also for the world’s only super power. US does not hesitate to strike on these militant organizations in any part of the world, even if they are doing any activity within their own country, as US did in the case of Somalia.

To be continue..


Anonymous said...

I think these essays your writing in english really teach people like me, from the west, to understand the reasons there is so much hatred in this world and how it can be solved.

Though, some of what your trying to say is lost becuase of the broken english. Even though I understand the ideas your saying, many won't if they don't already know them.

I think it's important that information like this gets out, talk to me if you want some help.



IftikharAlam said...

Thank you skyler,
I hope you will read other parts, too.