Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Collapse Of Arab World, and Rise of Jihadistan 3

Part 3:
Results Of Afghan Jihad:
Welcome to new free Afghanistan, where almost every family has one member who fought against Russia. Afghanistan where every small village has more weapons than food. Afghanistan where 10-year-old boys play with AK47’s instead of football. Afghanistan, where hundreds of war lords now control their areas with their own armies.Afghanistan, a mess after Russian exit, and US indifference to the situation was one of the main reason, and a grave mistake.At that time, jihadists from all over the world were present at one point. Afghanistan had 4 different pockets of militants. There were thousands of Afghan jihadists mostly influenced by nationalism, than there was large number of Arabs present in Afghanistan, who were far more radicalized and have a clear vision of Islamic state without any nationalistic ideology. Then Pakistanis were the third majority, and in last, militants from central Asia, especially from Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. All these 4 type of militants have one thing in common, that they all were trained by one of the finest intelligence agencies of this world, ISI. They all were trained fighters, they know how to fight against a regular army, they know how to make bombs, they know how to spy, they know how to bring down helicopters and they know how to work in group, where to hit and when to hit causing more pain for opponent. The world failed to realize that what they were leaving behind in Afghanistan are militants who were trained by ISI, and that was the mistake for which US is paying today. How can you leave so many trained fighters alone without properly dealing with them? As soon as Russians left Afghanistan, Afghan fighters engaged into another fight against each other for power and authority. Central Asian fighters trapped into Afghanistan as Central Asia was still in the hands of Russians and KGB was keeping a strict eye on the borders waiting for their old enemy. Most of the Uzbek fighters moved into Pakistani tribal areas and since than they are living there. Many Arabs went back to their countries but some prefer to work for an ideal Islamic state in the world, and stayed back in Afghanistan. Osama bin Laden was the most influential central figure for many of the Arab fighters and this same group later evolved into Alqaeda. Pakistani fighters went back to Pakistan, and soon we have new Pakistani Jihadi groups like Hizb ul Mujahideen, Harkat ul Mujahideen, Al badar, Jaish e Muhammad and many more. All these groups and experienced fighters penetrate into Kashmir with ISI backing, and a militant Freedom Movement Started in Indian occupied Kashmir, dragging half of the Indian army into Kashmir and causes 80000 deaths so far. Kashmir movement is inversely proportional to Afghanistan’s peace. When there will be fight in Afghanistan, same militants will again move to Afghanistan and if there will be peace in Afghanistan, they will move to Kashmir. We experienced that when Russians left, militant activities gradually increased in Kashmir and than started decreasing when US invade Afghanistan. Many arabs from Afghanistan, later went to bosnia and chechniya. Almost all militant commanders in KLA and Chechen Mujahideen are Arabs. These arabs always have a place as a commander or trainer whereever they go due to their experience, money and training under ISI. These all Mujahideen fought in Afghanistan for different reasons, Afghans for their land and people, Pakistani, Uzbek and Tajiks for their brotherhood with Afghans, but Arabs fought only for Islam. They were most radicalized, most powerful and most influential group due to their very strong Jihadi ideology and their money. ISI worked with these jihadists for a decade, resulting in producing a large proportion of ISI that was influenced by their ideology and till now, ISI has a very powerful fraction that carries same Ideology. Last 20 years shows us one fact, that once a muslim got involved into jihadi movement, than he wanted to fight till his death, no matter if he has to find new fronts. Muslims believe that they may stop at their final goal "islamic state" but Non muslims are suspicious that they may try to increase their borders once Islamic state established. What they will do, no one knows for sure, but one thing is fact, that they will never stop fighting until any muslim majority area is under control of non muslims.
Keeping it Alive:
In fact, Afghan Jihad revives old Jihadi ideology within Muslim masses. From that time till now, this Jihadi ideology is building up in Muslim countries, and the main reason for this is US foreign policy and Presence of Israel in Middle East. These two reasons act as a catalyst for this ideology. There was a great chance that with the passage of time, this ideology may be died out, but US foreign policy not only keeps it alive, but it also turned the old guns towards US.Israel is common enemy of Arabs, most of the Muslims never accept Israel as a state till this day, and believe that Israel is occupation of Muslim land, a brutal state having blood of thousands of Muslims in its hands. US support for Israel gradually turned the guns of Arab Afghan fighters towards US. Gulf war speed up the process of US hate in Arab world, and US permanent military bases in Arab countries give them enough reason to blow up some Americans. It is truth that American moves were suspicious for Arabs, at one side US support every Israeli move against Arab countries, and on the other hand, act as a friend for many Arab countries like Saudi Arabia and Egypt. Today, Every time Israeli forces raid Gaza, Hamas becomes more powerful. Every time Nato bomb civilians in Afghanistan, Taliban gain more strength. Every time US abuse in Iraqi prisons highlighted in media, Alqaeda has more recruits. Afghan and Iraqi invasion make militants more strong, and US armies involvement in so many cases against civilians make them worst devil for Arab youth, that should be punished.
To be Continue...

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