Thursday, June 23, 2011

Discipline and Creative Chaos

In most of the working organizations, a strict disciplined approach is followed for the employees like a divine rule. It is thought that strict rules ensuring disciplined approach in a working environment gives assurance to productivity. When you follow a strict disciplined approach, it means that you are imposing limits and barriers in front of human intellectual.

There is no perimeter for human potential; it is a God gifted "set of abilities" that varies from person to person. Every human being lives with different experiences and family backgrounds, such variables in lives of every individual cultivate different sets of skills within people. Most often, these set of "born abilities and learned skills" remained unidentified in individuals until they are provided with favorable conditions that enables them to walk through the phase of self identification and self believe. Once filled with self believe, people can have a true grasp of all their abilities and skills that multiply their growth, increase their productivity and static approach turns into dynamic one.

In a strict disciplined environment, it is most unlikely that people can revert to such hidden abilities or skills. Organizations always grow over the creativity and innovation within its employees that is only possible when employees are provided with more comfortable environment. The more comfortable and relax employees are, more creativity and innovation will pour out from them. Human intellectuality flourishes over unconfined surroundings, so providing employees with such feeling is significant if creativity is encouraged.

It is possible that if knots around a strict disciplined workplace are loosed, the momentum within organization gets disturbed, but it is natural whenever change is implemented. It demands a much effective management and more focused vertical eye on employees to direct a new born chaos within employees towards creativity and innovation. If such conditions are followed in any organization, producing a team of self motivated and highly productive individuals is more than achievable.


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