Thursday, October 23, 2008

Why Alqaeda want McCain?

There is no doubt in my mind that Alqaeda wants Mccain as President of US. People need to understand that it is all about to keep their ideology alive. It is Alqaeda's ideology that plays a vital role for their survival, and their ideology is directly proportional to the bad actions of US president. So Alqaeda wants to make it sure that there will be always a bad guy (for muslims) sitting in White house until they bring death to giant elephant by thousand cuts.
I bet if someone with sense become US president and brings all of US army back to US, leave Muslim masses and Muslim lands on their own, and call for a dialogue with Alqaeda. It will eventually kill Alqaeda its own death in couple of years and there will be no danger for America or Americans.
Muslim masses only care about Islamic law, implementation of Shariah law within their countries that cause a domestic conflict between Radical Muslims and their governments. When these radical Muslims feel that their government is supported by US, eventually US become their enemy.Radical Muslims see America as a country that will do anything to destroy a land where Muslim Shariah law will be implemented, as US did in the case of Afghanistan and Somalia. So with the passage of time Alqaeda and other radical muslims learned that it is useless to go for Islamic state first, because as soon as they will be able to enforce a shariah law somewhere, US will destroy it by selling its stupid logics and reasons in world media and we all know, "Might is laways right". So the first thing to do is to eliminate the ultimate threat, rest will be easy.

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