Friday, October 17, 2008

Can Obama's US leave Iraq?

On 14th of October, Afghanistan defense minister said that U.S. military successes in Iraq have forced sophisticated and well-trained insurgents to pour into Afghanistan instead, part of the reason violence has spiked in Afghanistan, The migration of many Arab fighters from Iraq to Afghanistan was also reported in some recent Pentagon Reports. These reports and such statements of officials point towards a fact that the group of people who challenged American military might in Iraq are not just vanished but instead, they shift their area of operations.

Now the question is, what this discussion has to do with American army leaving Iraq? For answer of this question, we have to go into some History.

The story started from Jihad against Russia that gave birth to Alqaeda as well as many groups of radical Muslims which were get trained by CIA and ISI about guerrilla warfare, and who got experience of 10 years of intensive fight against One of the super power "Russia". After the end of this war, Pakistani Mujahideen came back and formed number of Jihadi groups and got involved in Indian occupied Kashmir. Mujahideen from central Asian countries went back and got involved in Chechnya. Many Arabs formed Alqaeda and rest went back to their homeland.

The recent war in Iraq and Afghanistan gave these old experienced fighters a chance to give birth to another new generation of sophisticated well-trained Mujahideen. They are now more skilled, it is not only how to fight, but it is also important to know how to make IEDs, how to use lap tops, how to do propaganda war, how to use snipers, where to use Suicide bomber, how to form a separate group for intelligence, and most importantly How to keep yourself alive under the power of world’s only super power.

These wars produce thousands of such dangerous Mujahideen in Muslim world, who act like a cell who reproduce, who transfer his skills to others, who spread his ideology to convince more and more. Iraqi conditions worked perfectly to give them some real life experience of things, and make them more skilled.

As soon as these people felt that conditions are better in Afghanistan, they moved to Afghanistan and within one year, the whole world is shouting for Afghanistan, within one year top British and US officials are claiming that Now we are not winning this war. This is the skill of these people, this is intelligence of these Mujahideen that make the enemy say that we are losing in Afghanistan, beside a fact that few thousand Mujahideen are fighting with the combine trained military power of world’s top 20 countries. This is American mess, American wars created this deadly group that bring NATO to their toes in Afghanistan within couple of years.

One of the most important thing is that this group carries ideology; their transfer of concentration from Iraq to Afghanistan doesn’t mean that they forget about Iraq. Their ideology will never let them forget about Iraq, once American troops move away, they will come back to their previous save heavens to topple American puppet government to bring Islamic state into existence. They will use Iraq against Israel, and an unstable Iraq where these groups prevail is direct threat to Israel, so Israel will never want that US will move away from Iraq. They only want that American troops keep giving their lives for Israel’s security.

This group that is successfully targeting US and NATO forces in Afghanistan and Iraq will have no problem to deal with local Iraqi or Afghan army. The conclusion is, it all become a simple equation now, with the passage of time, this group will become more skilled, will keep growing in a war torn countries and will move where ever it feels is more requirement. America produces another generation of Mujahideen, more deadly and more sophisticated, that will continue to be nightmare for American officials in many coming years. The group that will be used by China for proxy war in the coming cold war between the two super powers. Americans created a mess for themselves, and this mess surely will ruin them.

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