Saturday, April 28, 2012

How Galloway’s victory in Bradford reflects Future of Imran Khan in Pakistani Election?

First of all, I congratulate George Galloway for his astonishing victory few days ago in British by election at Bradford. I came to know about George Galloway few years ago when I was searching for some video on YouTube and accidentally open an infamous George Galloway video in which he almost made the arrogant news anchor of Sky TV cry with his logical support for Palestinians and their cause. It was “Wohaa, Who is this guy?” moment for me and after that I followed all news and videos related to him as he become one of my favorite public speaker. The guy is very rational in his speeches and supports Muslim point of view on most of the world issues, but there is still a confusion if a born Roman catholic converted to Islam or not.

So what really happened there on 30th March 2012? To know the answer, let’s get into the political history of Bradford. Bradford is always considered as Labor’s political stronghold as party keeps its influence on Bradford for over 100 years and never lost a seat since 1974 until now. Bradford consists of Asian majority with a very vibrant Pakistani population. Historical trends show that Asian and Pakistani community always voted for Labors in all past elections, one of the major reasons for consecutive Labor victories for over 3 decades. So what really changed there? Beside the fact that many Pakistani and Asian leaders along with many Muslim religious leaders openly asked their communities to vote for Labor’s candidate, who was also a British Pakistani, more than 50% of the voters voted for George Galloway’s Respect Party.

As The Guardian pointed out in their news article, the difference was the vote of the rebellious youth, mostly Muslim and Pakistani.

“But in the final 48 hours, the Respect vote started to surge, especially among Asian youth, opening up a serious possibility that Galloway could be taken back to the Commons only two years after losing in 2010.”

Every one, including the political analysts considered Labor party as the favorite until the last day and were expecting no competition in the by election but result surprised everyone. Some are considering it as the most sensational victory in British political history that happened only because rebellious Pakistani and Muslim youth voted for Galloway unlike their elders who always voted for Labor party.

So what is the connection between Galloway’s astonishing victory and Imran Khan’s political future in Pakistan? The connection is rebellious youth who is not ready to vote for the conventional old parties even when their elders are forcing them to. In coming elections, same will happen at number of seats in all over Pakistan where rebellious youth will end the rule of many conventional political families and tycoons. Many are going to loose their family seats they hold for decades just like Labor lost their seat after 30 years. The Pakistani youth knows the people responsible for the plight of Pakistan and they are not going to vote for them anymore. The conduct of Pakistani youth in Bradford elections showed a glimpse of what Pakistani youth is going to do in Pakistan in future elections. I know two things for sure; they are not going to sit in their homes this time on Election Day and they are not going to vote for old political parties.

I have no doubt in my mind that youth has no choice but Imran Khan as their future leader, the only thing needed is to motivate more and more youth to come out and vote at the day of elections from every


Gul said...

Good article.............!!!!

We all wish the youth actually wakes up ......

Saqib Dawood said...

There is 1 difference, Bradford is UK and we are Pakistan. Jews and Goras knows that if a good leaders comes in Pakistan politics, this could be the end of Jews dominance.

In UK, the fair election was possible, over here even if youths wants to change the future of Pakistan, they will first have to change the own's attitude.

The reason for our lose battles are EMOTIONs, we muslim are very emotional and history shows this as true.

We are looking too far ahead, first lets change ourselves by controlling our emotions, then we may bring the change.

Saood Hashim said...

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